Food is undoubtedly an identity of our culture and religion. It is the culture that helps describe “who we are” and “where we originate from”. It would not be wrong if I say that food is more than just a survival factor!
Take a minute and think once about the meal you enjoy. Isn’t it true that the food we eat is something that shapes us or our identities? Just the way a white coat signifies a doctor or a uniform represents a soldier, the same way food also addresses a meaning – the ingredient that binds us together. But this ‘meaning’ varies from religion to religion and culture to culture.
Also, food cannot be seen as a trope if it doesn’t depict any sense. For instance, sambhar idli, dosa, biryani signify Indian dishes whereas a cuisine served with basil, tomato and mozzarella cheese clearly reflects the taste of Italy.
Additionally, food and religion are connected as a sign of brotherhood. It would not be wrong to say that food helps us to be united in our democratic country.
Haven’t we seen Muslims offering food or prasad to kawariyas or Ayodhya’s Ram Sita temple serving Iftar meals to our Muslim brothers? Or why only stick to Islam? Doesn’t we crave for Easter desserts a day before the celebration?
We, Indians are very fond of eating and experimenting with new dishes. If we are getting ‘free festive brunch’ from your neighbors, why to have a second thought? Just kidding!
These unspoken and unconditional relationships best describe India’s togetherness. And when we have talked so much about food…food and food, how can we forget about ‘Food Festivals’?
Yes, it’s a dream destination for every food lover. No matter what religion or what caste you come from, when you are at a so-called ‘food carnival’ surrounded with snacks and mouth-watering cuisines, there is no space for bitterness.
So, if you ever think of a small bite that can help you spread love among people, don’t think twice. Go ahead and spread happiness.


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