Delhi – the state capital of India is rich in every aspect especially when it comes to food destinations. Delhi, or as we call ‘Dilli’ serves a wide variety of food whether it’s about local street food or international cuisines. Well, if you are traveling to Delhi or NCR, why not blow your mind with some delicious taste of Delhi?
To experience the real taste of Delhi, we bring to you a quite long list of street foods worth visiting just for you! And before you stumble upon this list, let me tell you that this blog is based exactly on my personal ‘food experience’ and the places I visited. So, here we go –
Chole Bhature: Oh, who doesn’t want this? Trust me, only Delhites can do justice to this wonderful street food. These fluffy bhature when served with spicy chole, gives a delicious blend of spice and a bit of crunchiness.

Golgappe: Kolkata’s puchka or Mumbai’s pani poori, whatever the name may be, but the taste of Delhi’s golappe is unmatchable. It’s everybody’s love. And yes, it’s not just a local street food, it’s a feeling.

Where to try: Imly Café & Chaat Tadka in Tilak Nagar

• Momos: The soft dough balls filled with veg or non-veg stuffing served with pungent and spicy dip. This is the most appetizing and spicy cuisine. If you are heading towards Delhi, then it’s a must-try!

Where to try: Hunger Strike in Lajpat Nagar

Rolls: No matter where you try rolls, but these ‘Delhi rolls’ will be in your heart for a long…long time. Can’t believe it? Give it a try and you won’t regret as every roll wala in Delhi knows exactly what you want and can make it just the way you want.

Where to try: Art of Spices in Karol Bagh

Chaat: Try this lip-smacking, delicious munchy near street corners or at an outlet in Delhi. Whether its tikki chaat, papdi chaat or samosa chaat, you will find it loaded with chutneys, namkeen and spices all over it! Clearly, this has a separate fan base among the people of Delhi NCR.

Where to try: Raju Chaat Corner in CR Park

Oh, the list is too big. If we start mentioning all the delightful taste of Delhi NCR in one go, then you might get tired reading this blog.
Well, this is not the end. We will come back again with some more street foods and my Foodie Safari experiences. Stay Tuned….!


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