Now who does not like a good meal? I am sure most of you will agree with me that a happy meal is key to our inner happiness, well there is more but let’s not get into that.

Concept & Origin

Every now & then, we all come across pictures of big & drooling thalis with lots of food on it. Earlier it was limited to only a few parts of India, mainly to states like Rajasthan & Maharashtra. The idea & concept was to present all the delicacies of that region in a beautiful looking thali. But now every state has its own thali. Some of the popular thalis famous among the foodies are Goan Thali, Bengali Thali, Rajasthani Thali, Maharashtrian Thali, Gujarati Thali, Punjabi Thali etc.

How Ardor fits into the picture?

Now you all must be thinking how Ardor fits in this Thali concept. Like thousands of restaurants, it’s also a dining place but it is famous for what it offers.

There are total of 2 Ardor outlets in Delhi NCR, one is in heart of the city i.e. in Connaught place by the name Ardor 2.1 & other is in the Sec 29 Gurgaon by the name Ardor 29.

They have different types of Thalis to offer to their foodie friends.

  • Bahubali Thali

It is a 56 inch thali available in both veg & non veg option. It is so big that you cannot finish it alone as it is meant for 4 people & any extra person beyond 4 is chargeable by RS 500 extra. Thali has a total of 40 dishes. Veg one will cost you 1999 & non veg will cost you 2299. Preety sweet deal isn’t?

  • Indian United Thali

Like the name suggests, it is for those who love food as much as their country. This thali was launched during the election season. Special thing about this thali is that it is shaped as INDIAN map & there are total of 29 dishes served, each one being specialty of a particular state. Veg one will cost you 1999 & non veg will cost you around 2299.

  • Kejriwal Chinese Thali

It is the newest addition to their thali range. It was launched during the Delhi’s assembly election & it is the biggest Chinese thali in the city. It is shaped as the map of China & you can win a prize of 10 lakh if you finish it in 10 minutes. Does it sound interesting?

So what are you guys waiting for, head straight to Ardor & challenge your taste buds & who knows you can make some money while having your favorite food.

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  1. Amazing blog you are writing Bineet. Keep it up. And this one was really informative, I’m curious to visit Ardor🥰

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