Wanna feel like ‘Hawa ke azaad parinde’? Paragliding at Bir Billing is waiting for you. Located in the west of Joginder nagar valley, It is one of the most peaceful yet adventurous places in Himachal Pradesh. This place is popular for its aero sports including paragliding and hand gliding.

Asia’s highest and World’s second highest peak is the spot for paragliding which is around 13 kms away from Bir Bus stop. A 500kms journey will take you to Bir from Delhi. This is the kind of view you get to see when you reach the top.

This 20-30 mins session of paragliding will cost you a lum-sum of 2000-3000 bucks. You can plan this soul shaking trip around March-May Or October- November. It is unavailable during the rainy season.

Talking about the safety, they appoint some professional trainers to help you cope with your fear and guide you through this session so that you can enjoy your daredevil moment to the fullest. ‘main __, hu idhar aya’This won’t happen to you. 😂
There are several events and competitions organised by the state govt. to attract both Indian and foreign travelers. Also, a pre Olympic event is also organised here at Bir. This place is not only about aero sports but the location and nature scenes will cheer your soul up and help you blossom in the lap of nature.

So, you can plan your next volunteered lock down to Bir and get your adventure loving self some good stuff.
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Me enjoying my happy time

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