Momos has become Dilliwalo ki new Dhadkan.   Momos are one of the most popular food items.  You can get these stuffed balls with sizzling chutney on every street and corner of Delhi. Almost everyone can agree on this ‘ Delhi ki sadko pe paani mile na mile, par momos jarur mil jaenge. So, here we are, with Top 5 places for the Momo lovers:

1. Hunger Strike -Your laplapati jubaan will be super duper happy after visiting this place. The tandoori flavor of the momos and the creamy gravy along with it is ‘sone pe suhaga’. You will also get some rolls and chaap as well. Location : Amar colony, New Delhi. Price: ₹350 for two. 

2.KC Restaurant – With a vast variety of momos to serve this place should be in wish list of momo addicts. Kurkure momos, tandoori, gravy momos will explode your taste buds. It’s one of most famous outlets for momos in south west Delhi  Location: Ramphal chowk, sec 7,Dwarka, New Delhi. Price :₹400 for two

3. Echoes – This place holds a different vibe with college students all around. Specially abled people are working as the fuel for this place. Momos are nicely presented and served with extra love. Tangy and masaledaar texture will make your heart goes ummmmmm. Location: Satyaniketan, New Delhi. Price : ₹800 for two. 

4. Mom hand momos – Another gem of Satyaniketan serves you with handful variety of momos including gravy momos, tandoori, achaari and many more. These guys started with a  small counter and now holds a full fledged shop. Location: Satyaniketan, New Delhi. Price: ₹300 for two. 

5. QD’s– Biggie big size of momos  with the extra masala and spicy tadka makes the best combination for the Tandoori Momos. This place not only serves you with good food but also gives you a good ambiance. This place is one of the most famous places in North campus of Delhi University. Location: Hudson lane, North campus, DU, New Delhi. Price: ₹1100 for two. 

These were some must try momo suggestions from ‘Foodie Safari ka Pitara’. You can also try Dolma Aunty Momos as they are the ones who brought the concept of momos to us delhities. Other than that how can we forget our special gali wala & street side momos vendor.  If you know about any other famous momos joints, feel free to drop a comment or reach out to me on my social media handles.
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See you until next time 🙂

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  1. Oh my my! All of my favorite places listed by you. So apt! Need to try Kc and Echoes. Next in the list. Keep writing! Will be so helpful after lockdown. 😁

    • You are making this lockdown harder for us 😭 Can’t wait to go to all these places! 😻 HUNGER STRIKE tho🔥🔥

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