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The heart of Rajasthan, popularly known as, the magic PINK CITY ‘JAIPUR’, is one of the best places to feel the Royal culture and Art of Rajputs. Rajasthan is the land of extraordinary historical places, The Maharajas, colorful and vibrant markets. This capital city of Rajasthan is one of the best places to live a life ‘king size’.

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Jaipur is also famous for certain festivals like elephant festivals, literature Festivals during some particular time of the year. If you are up for an instant trip to Jaipur, here are some places which will cheer your ‘kesariya Balam soul’ up:

Forts of Jaipur
One of the most loved forts of this pink city is the Amer fort. Mithi meva kulfi and chatpata poha with jalebi is something which you will get around this fort. Nahargarh fort is another gem, and one of the best places to have a soothing view of sunrise and sunset. There are several other forts along with above mentioned like Jaigarh Fort holds a lot of historical significance

Mahals of Jaipur
Situated in the central area of a lake is the super adorable, Jal Mahal. Street market around Jal mahal offers colorful and vibrant stuff including keychains and jewelry. Hawa Mahal carved with historically significant windows light up with sunlight and looks like a visual treat. There are several lovely cafes around this mahal. The mirror mahal or the sheesh mahal, full of mirror tiles, is also in the list of places to visit when in Jaipur

Markets of Jaipur
Kadhaidaaar suits, bags, and other clothing along with Royal jhumki and different kinds of jewelry are some special features of markets if Jaipur. Badi chaupad and Choti chaupad are the most beautiful markets of Jaipur. Street food around these markets attracts so many people around the world. Poha chatni, sukhi Pani puri, jalebi, pyaaz kachori, chole samosa, The world-famous Ghevar, daal baati churma, and many more are super loved by tourists as well as the locals. 

Chauki Dhani Village
This village will give you a full Rajasthani village feels. Daal baati churma, Rajasthani Ghoomer, local khaats(for sitting). This place carried forward the legacy of Rajasthani culture to date. Entrance ticket for this place will cost you around 700 bucks but it’s worth it! 

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Where to stay
Jaipur is super famous for the Royal hotels and palaces (which are now turned into hotels). These places are decorated and cultured to have a real taste of Rajasthan. Hostels and  Dharamshalas are some other options to stay in Jaipur. 

All about Kharcha-Paani:
Trip to Jaipur is a feasible one. It won’t cost you bohot jyada if you go for street food and a Dharamshala or hostel. You can also go for some pocket-friendly hotels. Also, you can opt for local buses rather than cabs which will clearly affect your budget. My 2-day trip costed me around RS3000.
So, keep your bags packed with some indo western clothes and feel the Royalty of this lovely place, Jaipur. Let people welcome you with ‘kesariya Balam, aavo re, padharo mhare desh.

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