Foodiesafari – It’s all about experiencing the taste while you roam around!
I love to eat.
Yes, for me – “To travel is to eat.” I believe that one needs to taste a culture to understand it better because food is one of the most integral part of our civilization. Clearly, if you are skipping out on meals while you travel, you are missing a big part of it!
Why not taste butter chicken when travelling to Delhi?
Escaping Shahi Kheer in Jama Masjid?
No Wonton Soup in famous restaurant?
Avoiding Raj Kachauri in —?
Well, I’ve been fortuitous enough to experience different flavors in and around the capital city of India, so I thought why not share my “food + travel” journey with the food travelers out there!

How Foodiesafari can help get a true essence of Indian culture?
India is undoubtedly, a rich destination for food lovers when it comes to local food, street food or buffets, fast food, and brunch. Where other aspects of our culture have faded up with time, Indian food is one of the few elements of our culture that has made its presence even today.
Also, one can understand the history of a particular place through heirloom recipes or cuisines as it running through generations in the form of our Indian custom and tradition.
With Foodie Safari, we aim at providing the true taste of India to the travel freaks. Whether it’s about exploring pure vegan food or having a bite of spicy – flavored tandoori chicken, we never miss a chance!
For those who are a die-hard fan of food, this is the right place to get a dining experience right at your home. Foodie Safari say – why go anywhere else when you have an online platform to experience different flavors of Indian food? So, next time, whenever you go mad about food or want to know the ‘must have food in India’, remember, you are just a click away!

How Foodiesafari gets you a variety of food on one platter?
I know that India’s food items are gaining very high popularity all over the world. People from different places especially come to experience the taste of India.
What I believe is that every eatery has a different taste or a specialty of their place which is absolutely worth experiencing. By knowing this fact, I visit different restaurants, street foods or local food vendors and help you know the flavors you miss sitting at your home!
There are many dishes or recipes in India which we still fail to notice. Why let it go? Come along with me in the journey with food and eat what you always wanted but just couldn’t because you never knew they even exist!
Happy Eating.